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Past and Current Client Reviews of Darrell Hess, REALTOR®

James Roberston.
When my fiancée and I decided to buy our first house, the thought of being first-time home-buyers was overwhelming. Luckily for us, we called Darrell Hess of Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage. Darrell not only led the way and made the process easier, but he fielded endless questions (and phone calls), and put our minds at ease.   He wasn’t afraid to give-it-to-us-straight, by not only telling us the possible good implications, but also the possible pitfalls.   Our home-buying process was further complicated by the fact that the property was a foreclosure AND we were using a VA loan. Both of these factors can make the process very complex and drawn out, but Darrell was up to the challenge.  We both appreciated his hard work, his dedication to keeping us informed, and his tenacity to dig-in and get the job done under stressful circumstances, even when things needed to be done immediately, or sometimes after hours.   We appreciated all his help throughout our uncertain, foreclosure-buying process, and cannot say enough good things, especially now that we are moved-in to our new home. We would not only recommend him over and over again, but we can honestly call him a friend in the real estate business.

Christy Skipper.
Mr. Hess was terrific to work with. He really took the stress out of relocating. He was available day or night and worked hard to find a home that met our families needs. If you are looking for someone who is dedicated to finding the perfect home for you and your family, Mr. Hess is the perfect realtor. We will be using him in the future to purchase a home here in Georgia. Darrell, Thank you so much for all your help. We appreciate how hard you worked for us! You are great!

David Bingham.
"When we decided to sell our first house in 2010 Darrell aggressively marketed the property for us and had it sold at the right price within 90 days, helped us buy our dream house (negotiating a great price) and then one year later when we were being relocated out of state Darrell pulled out all the stops to sell the dream house (again within 90 days in a buyers market) at a profit. Bottom line is that Darrell really cares and will do what it takes to get results and uses all the resources available to him."

Cecil and Gwen Bragdon.
“Darrell is extremely professional and personable. He is very attentive to his client's needs and does not mind going above and beyond the call of duty. We were in a hurry to buy our first home together and Darrell was able to utilize his resources to ensure that we found the perfect house.  Thank you Darrell.  We are very happy to get the home. You did an excellent job.”

Tia Holcombe.
“Darrell Hess was the best real estate agent we have ever had or known! We bought our home in 2010 & at the time I was going through a very difficult pregnancy. I was so sick that 90% of the time I was not able to make it to the viewings.  He was so sweet that he would just reschedule it for when I was feeling better. He even met with my husband to video the inside & outside of some homes to show me what they looked like whenever I was sick & couldn’t make it out. Also, he is so honest! He would point out things in homes that we might over look because he truly wanted us to have a good home. We loved our experience so much that we recommended him to our friends & they bought a home last year using him. When we decide to sell & buy again we will only use Darrell!”

Dawn Steppach.
“Very knowledgeable and caring about your needs.  Actually listens to what you have to say.”

Joshua Mason.
“Darrell Hess of the Hess team is Great!!! I was introduced to him through my sister whom he helped purchase her and her husband’s first home. When I decided it was finally time to fly the proverbial coop and move out of my parents house I gave Darrell a call. He was very very very patient with me as a young first time home buyer. He explained the processes and made sure any questions I had were answered. I decided I needed to suspend my search and Darrell took the extra effort to contact me once I had time to contemplate my options. Today, I am under a binding contract with a scheduled Inspection and assuming all goes well I will be a first time home buyer soon. Thanks Darrell, you have been stellar throughout this process. I would HIGHLY recommend giving Darrell the opportunity to go above and beyond for you, as he has for me.”

Cori Alston.
“I love how Darrell points out negatives about a house, because I don’t need any help seeing the positives myself. He looks at it from a repair-guy perspective and notices things I/we might well not have. I also loved how willing he was to take on looking at a giant list of houses – all at once – because we were gung-ho to find something and he diligently worked his schedule to meet our needs. Darrell instantly responding to my 2:00 a.m. emails, his willingness to see 10 houses at a moment’s notice, his ability to synthesize all of our must-have’s and don’t-wants so that we would pull up to a house and he’d say, “Did you notice the power lines in the backyard?” and his unending patience with us and our wild little kids”

Terence Norman.
When asked what was the best thing about working with The Hess Team Mr. Norman replied, “We’ve developed a business relationship. The Hess Team understands my strategy and goals and they meet them. I immediately connected with The Hess Team. Nothing could be improved upon; they are efficient and effective and more genuine and down-to-earth than most other Realtors. They don’t come across as used car salesman. “Mr. Norman said in his survey that he would use The Hess Team’s real estate services the next time he is thinking about buying or selling real estate and would be comfortable recommending us to his friends and family. (Paraphrased from a recent survey)

Jessica France.
“I went through multiple agents before I found Darrell Hess. Most of the other agents tried pushing us out of our price range, just trying to get more money for themselves.  I went through a few different agents to find who I thought was perfect for us.  Darrell Hess was awesome!! He was extremely patient with me, and my emotions. He listened to what i wanted and helped me find what i asked for. Not try and push me towards something we wouldn't be able to handle. All the other agents I went to Just wanted to make a big commission. No one was taking us or what we wanted in to mind, but Darrell DID! We were first time home buyers and he took the time to explain any questions we had. He helped us above and beyond what any others would. I am very thankful that I worked with him and he got us in a great house!!  I enjoyed working with him; he made the whole process calm for me. I recommended him to my family and would recommend him to anyone else looking to get a Home and not feel pressured by the whole process.”

Ellen Lewis.
“Darrell Hess goes above and beyond to make his clients happy. My husband and I love our new home!”

Justin Holcombe.
“I found Darrell when he responded to a call I placed regarding one of his fellow Hess Team member’s listings. He was enthusiastic about helping me find a home, and I perceived him to be more genuine than some of the other Realtors I had spoken with.  We saw several other properties afterwards, and actually made an offer on a foreclosed home down the street from the other house. Every house we saw, I never heard him point out that the house was “beautiful” or “perfect.” Darrell let my wife make those observations. He did not view his job as selling me the home we were visiting. He was not in a hurry to make the sale and get his commission. Every house we looked at, he tried to point out the flaws. He wanted us to look past our first look thoughts and emotions, and consider things which we would find important after we moved in, such as whether water flowed into the garage or whether the garage opened into the kitchen or another part of the house (important when you come home with a car full of groceries). Some agents show up all dressed up and wouldn’t want to get dirty. Darrell walked around one house in the rain and mud, sliding down a steep hill looking for things that we may either like or find unsatisfactory.  While looking for our house, I was too busy to look in the afternoons and my wife could not look in the morning. Darrell would meet me in the morning at a house, and if I liked it meet my wife in the afternoon so she could see it as well. In the end, I purchased a beautiful 4 year old, 6 bedroom, 4 bathroom REO home (with little flaws) that was listed as a short sale for $50,000 more than my purchase price a little over a year prior to my purchase. Finding the house was only half the battle. While not pressuring me to use people he knew, he referred me to mortgage lenders and inspectors that he had worked with before and knew would look out for his client’s interests. All of the people to whom he referred me did an excellent job. When the seller did not get the water turned on timely for my inspections, Darrell worked them nonstop for about a week until they turned the water on. He convinced the A/C repair company to inspect my system at no charge during my inspection period. After we purchased the house, he gave us a gift basket with thoughtful gifts for our daughter and our expectant son. He gave our daughter a Tinkerbell blanket because he remembered her reaction in seeing Tinkerbell on the wall of one of the first houses we saw.  Lastly, after the sale was closed, we owned our home, and he had received his commission, he called to check on our moving experience.  After his job was over, he still cared enough to make sure we didn’t need anything else. If I’m looking for a home again, I’ll definitely give him a call.  I will recommend him to anyone else I know looking to purchase a house.  He did a great job and really cares about his clients.”

Chris Depierre.
“Darrel Hess was really helpful helping us out with our questions.   We definitely recommended him! Thanks Darrell for all your help!!!”

Robin Hokett.
“I have dealt with many agents in past with the buying and selling of homes but none have impressed me as much as Darrell Hess. He is knowledgeable and accessible. When I needed to find a home in a short amount of time he put together as many homes as I wanted to look at. Another agent I considered would only agree to 10 homes per day. If you're looking for an agent who knows the market and is willing to meet your individual needs call Darrell. He came recommended to me and I confidently recommend him to others. “

Hanna Söderström.
“My husband and I recently purchased our dream home with the help of Darrell Hess, of The Hess Team. We have a very hectic and demanding work schedule and Darrell went out of his way to make showing homes convenient for us! Most realtors would not consider showing us properties at the times my husband and I were available but Darrell was always willing! We moved from a 2 bedroom, 2 bath town house to a larger 3 bedroom 2 ½ bath house so that we could have room to start a family. Darrell considered all of our needs and desires in our search to find the perfect home. We felt that he constantly looked out for us and our growing family rather than getting a quick deal or an easy commission. He always walked the full property line with my husband so that we knew what we were getting inside and out. The house he helped us find met all of our needs and more! We have more privacy than we could have dreamed of, plenty of room, and a very affordable mortgage payment. We have been settled in our new home for a little over 6 months and are now expecting our first baby. I never imagined buying our first home would be so easy. Thanks to Darrell we were able to find the perfect house to make our home!”

Robert Everett.
"After going out on several unsuccessful outings attempting to find a new home for me to live in I called Darrell to help. Darrell and his team suggested this brand new house in one of the new construction neighborhoods in Acworth. I loved the home style and features and it was just what I had been after. The house has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths with hardwoods throughout the main level. We went to put in an offer on it and Darrell was able to negotiate the deal I thought was impossible. In the end I got all my closing costs paid for, some new upgrades in the house and I ended up buying it for less than every other house that sold in the neighborhood. In fact no other house, not even a foreclosure, sold for less than this one. I definitely recommend him to whomever is looking to purchase in this market if they really want to save some cash. Thanks again!"

John Holt

"Darrell Hess was extremely helpful and informative while I was looking for a house and when I finally bought a house. This was my first time buying a house and I really wasn’t sure what to expect or the process of buying a house. Darrell was extremely helpful with educating me on what to look for in a house and the actual process of closing on the house. We looked for a house for about a year and he was never impatient or pushy during this process. Often times I would change my mind on what I was looking for and he would always adjust and act accordingly. His main goal was to find a house that would suit my needs and wants, and he never forced his opinion on me. Then when I finally found a house that I liked he orchestrated everything and he was very organized. If you are looking to buy or sell a house I would highly recommend Darrell."

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